How much does a Marble or Stone Floor Cost?


Our service based on different philosophy, therefore, priced reasonably lower of what competitors can offer. Why?

Why client could get a better price with peace in mind?

Marble Restoration Services
Sales people work on a commission base where the high price reflects the higher commission pay
Estimated and operated entirely by its staff
To cover administrative cost mark up to 15-20% on the top of fair restoration value
Sales team works on a field along with production crews. This practice substantially reduces the cost of administrative expenses and increase accountability to clientele
The cost of appraisal trips, i.e. salary of salesman, gas, transport, on-site demo etc., indeed, is hidden inside all closed deals
We do many cost evaluations, consultations and customer support on-line and over a phone. This way our administration cost goes down
May have franchise, i.e. fixed service option and one brand of chemicals. Also, franchise royalty fee (up to 20%) must be priced-in to quote. Customer always pays for franchise
Independent company. We offer wide choices of chemicals and technologies available on market. We employ Italian powders, Sweden diamonds, Germany sealers and US machines
May use rented equipment & seasonal labour
Permanent staff for many years. We own all our machines, restoration tools and generators
Contractor' "catch" - client is billed for "extra time spent" and "additional material" used
There is no extra charge when work takes longer than anticipated. You nether pay any "extras"

We offer very reasonable rates!

We go further - we beat any written quote by stout 20%




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